Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a specific problem to come for counselling?

No. You may feel dissatisfied with your life, confused or indecisive. Counselling enables you to explore your feelings. It also helps you work towards either specific life goals or a general feeling of well being.

What happens in the first session?

In the initial session I will ask you some questions about yourself to help me begin to build up a picture of who you are. I will also ask you a bit about the reason why you have come to counselling. We can discuss what you hope to achieve by coming to counselling. If I feel I am not the best qualified person to help you with your particular issue I can refer you to a specialist organisation or counsellor who is more familiar with you needs.

How long does each session last?

Each session is 50 minutes in length. I may give you some homework (such as worksheets, reading or practising an exercise) to do in between sessions. It is entirely up to you whether you complete the homework task, unlike school you will not get told off if you don’t do it! I have found that putting into practise what you have learnt enhances our work together.

How much will it cost per session?

The fee per session is £60. I am unable to accept credit or debit cards. I offer concessions for clients on low income or benefits, the retired and students. I also offer discounts for Edge card holders. I have to charge a 50% cancellation fee if not more than 24 hours notice is given

Do you let anybody know about my counselling?

No. Anything that is discussed in a session remains confidential and is not disclosed to any other party. There are just 3 times that I am ethically obliged to break confidentiality: that is if you tell me you are seriously going to harm yourself or somebody else; if you make any allegations of abuse; or if you make a terrorist threat. However, in the event that this should happen, discussion with you would always take place first.

How many sessions will I have to have?

There is no set number of sessions. After the initial consultation, if you wish to work with me, we will agree to meet for a set number of weeks then review our work together and decide whether to end.